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We are introducing our company which will be conducting this course. The training will help the students to get fruitful results, and also help the students to clear there examination smoothly. The duration of course(seminar) will be 5 days out of 4 days which will be the training (Theoretical & Practical) and the last day for examination only. The Examination will be conducted by TWI from U.K./INDIA. During the Examination and training season the lunch will be provided by our company.

For details regarding this course contact our course Director:

Mr. K. K. Bhowmick (CEO)-PH: +91 9903793099 / 9051932837.

Email: kkbhowmick@donaworld.com &

Rita Dhar (Director) PH: +91 8420861722 .

Email: director@donaworld.com

Since you have the preliminary training (if required) for minimum 10-15 days to cover all subjects above we request you to give your confirmation at least for one month before commencement of the course for registration.

Course Fee : Rs. 1,33,000/-

Course & Examination:

July 2018 6.07.2018 – 15.07.2018 16.07.2018 – 19.07.2018 20.07.2018
August 2018 17.08.2018 – 26.08.2018 27.08.2018 – 30.08.2018 31.08.2018
October 2018 01.10.2018 – 10.10.2018 11.10.2018 – 14.10.2018 15.10.2018
November 2018 16.11.2018 – 25.11.2018 26.11.2018 – 29.11.2018 30.11.2018
December 2018 14.12.2018 – 23.12.2018 24.12.2018 – 27.12.2018 28.12.2018
*Tentative Dates

(With Successful placement support ** conditions apply), (Food to be organized by self).

*Accommodation available for outstation.

Course Content:

The duties and responsibilities of a welding inspector; fusion welding processes; typical weld defects; types of steel; carbon-manganese, low alloy and stainless steels; hardening of steels;weld ability; heat treatment; parent metal defects; visual inspection; testing parent metals and welds; destructive tests; NDT techniques; welder and procedure approval; codes and standards; outline of safe working practices; practice in examination questions; continuous and end of course assessment. In addition, candidates meeting the the CSWIP requirements for eligibility complete the relevant CSWIP examination on day 5.


  • To understand factors which influence the quality of fusion welds in steels.
  • To recognise characteristics of commonly used welding processess in relation to quality control.
  • To interpret drawing instructions and symbols to ensure that specification are met.
  • To set up and report on inspection of welds, macrosections and other mechanical tests.
  • To assess and report on welds to acceptance levels.
  • To confirm that incoming material meets stipulated requirements and recobnise the effects on weld quality of depature from specification.
  • To be in a position to pass the Welding Inspector-Level 2 examinations.



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